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David received his mediation certification from the Colorado Bar Association in 1994. He has extensive experience in mediating differences so that energy, money, and time are not wasted in discord. He provides mediation for business partnerships, management teams, and individuals in conflict - including post divorce  mediation for couples.

What is Coaching?

As the picture illustrates, there are times when our professional and personal lives can feel as if we are lost in a maze. I see my role of Coach as someone who can help identify where you are stuck and what goals you choose to achieve. Once we discover the gap between your current reality and your intended goals, we work together tho close that gap. This involves creating and implementing realistic action plans. Along the way, I see my role as providing practical support and encouragement while at the same time playing the role of an accountability partner. 

Life Coach
Life Coach

Benefits of Coaching

  • Reassessing your life goals and developing action plans

  • Supporting you in balancing your work life and your home life

  • Improving relationships - both at home and in the workplace

  • Enhancing your communications skills as well as your social and emotional intelligence

  • Identifying your core strengths and helping to maximize your potential

  • Prioritizing the demands on your life to reduce stress and increase productivity

  • Support when faced with difficult decisions

  • Empowering you to live a life of “Intention” instead of a life “In Tension”

My Focus

My focus is to help people release the pain of being stuck, help them empower themselves and move their lives forward to achieve their goals. In facing challenges, I find that it is easy to slip into the common reflex modes of “Fight, Flight or Freeze.” For me the antidote to this is: to replace “Fight” with facing the challenge creatively instead of wasting energy in opposition, to replace “Flight” with facing the facts no matter how humbling they may be and finally, to replace “Freeze” with: exploring options, forming an action plan, and doing the work that is necessary to meet the challenge.


What drives a lot of us is pursuing financial security. I have found myself over the years coaching people to look for: Meaning, Fulfillment and Purpose in their work lives, as well as their personal lives, and to link that with accomplishing their financial goals and life goals

Life Coach

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