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"David told me, ‘Life can be hard but if that is all that I see, I am hardly living.’ and then he helped me change."

Certified Coach with over 30 years experience specializing in Relationship, Business and Life Coaching, Certified Mediator, Corporate Trainer, and Advanced Life Alignment Practitioner

Life Transformation Process LLC is located in Big Rapids, Michigan and thanks to technology, enjoys a global outreach.

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David Pasikov

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David is a past president of the Colorado Association of Psychotherapists. As a coach he has helped a wide spectrum of clients from college students to a former Heisman Trophy winner as well a Silicon Valley pioneer who received the National Medal of Technology and Innovation from a past President. He is happy to offer his services wherever you are on your life’s journey. In addition to his work with individuals, couples, families and businesses, David also is a certified mediator and brings those skills into his sessions as well.


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From 2005-2018 David taught advanced communication courses to senior managers in major corporations in the U.S. and Canada, mostly in the high-tech sector, based in Silicon Valley.


One of the courses that he taught was entitled, “Leaders as Coaches” and through teaching that course, David realized that Coaching was a much better fit for him than psychotherapy.

Although he had a successful psychotherapy practice in Boulder, Colorado and is a past president of the Colorado Association of Psychotherapists, David went on to receive his certification as a coach. 


David received his mediation certification from the Colorado Bar Association in 1994. He has extensive experience in mediating differences so that energy, money, and time are not wasted in discord. He provides mediation for business partnerships, management teams, and individuals in conflict - including post divorce  mediation for couples.

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Many of us have gone through very challenging times in our lives which have helped to foster limiting beliefs, and even self sabotaging programs. All of this has given our inner critics ammunition, enabling them to disturb our inner peace and to challenge our self -esteem. Left unchecked, as Carolyn Myss says, “Our biography becomes our biology” and illness can ensue. Life Alignment, a system of energy healing and transformation effectively addresses these core issues. 


David is the U.S. coordinator for Life Alignment, which is taught in 18 countries. A very close friend of Jeff Levin the founder of Life Alignment, David was one of the first students and teachers of this work. From January 2011 until he retired from the faculty in January 2015, David was an Assistant Professor at Holos University where he taught Life Alignment part time.