Jeff Levin Life Alignment

David Pasikov is an Advanced Practitioner and Advanced Teacher in Jeff Levin's Life Alignment system of energy healing and transformation.

This practical and simple system, developed by Jeff Levin and taught worldwide since 1991, accesses the body like a bio-computer to identify and energetically correct the causes of imbalance in the body.  As Carolyn Myss states, "Our biography becomes our biology.”  Life Alignment helps to gently access and release the effects of unresolved experiences and traumas as well as limiting beliefs and negative programming. 

David Pasikov became close friends with Jeff Levin many years before Jeff Levin Life Alignment began. David was in the first teachers class and has been a primary support to Jeff in the growth and development of Life Alignment. Jeff Levin Life Alignment is currently taught in 18 countries.


David Pasikov is the North American coordinator for Jeff Levin Life Alignment and finds it to be an excellent tool to help people with life's challenges and has woven this work into his Life Coaching and Relationship Coaching services. Like coaching, Life Alignment can be done long distance and David has clients across the U.S. and in other countries.

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