"Lasting changes can happen quickly with the right tools."

01. Coaching

Support to help you get from where you are to where you intend to be.

What is Coaching?

As the picture illustrates, there are times when our professional and personal lives can feel as if we are lost in a maze. I see my role of Coach as someone who can help identify where you are stuck and what goals you choose to achieve. Once we discover the gap between your current reality and your intended goals, we work together tho close that gap. This involves creating and implementing realistic action plans. Along the way, I see my role as providing practical support and encouragement while at the same time playing the role of an accountability partner. 

Unlike real estate where location is key, coaching can be done over the phone or via video conferencing so no matter where you are globally, it is possible to have me as your coach. It is not unusual for me to have several international sessions a week. 

Reported benefits of Relationship. Business or Life Coaching include:

  • Reassessing your life goals and developing action plans

  • Supporting you in balancing your work life and your home life

  • Improving relationships - both at home and in the workplace

  • Enhancing your communications skills as well as your social and emotional intelligence

  • Identifying your core strengths and helping to maximize your potential

  • Prioritizing the demands on your life to reduce stress and increase productivity

  • Support when faced with difficult decisions

  • Empowering you to live a life of “Intention” instead of a life “In Tension”

My focus is to help people release the pain of being stuck, help them empower themselves and move their lives forward to achieve their goals. In facing challenges, I find that it is easy to slip into the common reflex modes of “Fight, Flight or Freeze.” For me the antidote to this is: to replace “Fight” with facing the challenge creatively instead of wasting energy in opposition, to replace “Flight” with facing the facts no matter how humbling they may be and finally, to replace “Freeze” with: exploring options, forming an action plan, and doing the work that is necessary to meet the challenge.

What drives a lot of us is pursuing financial security. I have found myself over the years coaching people to look for: Meaning, Fulfillment and Purpose in their work lives, as well as their personal lives, and to link that with accomplishing their financial goals and life goals.

02. Mediation

“As an attorney, I have used David as a mediator to help bring disputing parties together to establish a compromise that can stick. I find David to be skillful and adept at facilitating conflict resolution.” D.G. Boulder, Colorado

David received his mediation certification in 2006 through the Colorado Bar Association. Since then he has offered his mediation services to assist couples facing the challenges of post divorce issues. This has led to mediation work in the field of business partnership. In recent years, he has had to face elder care issues within his own family and that has opened up an interest and specialization in the field of Elder Care Mediation.

Divorce Mediation

As is often said, in divorce matters, the marriage ends but, particularly if there are children, the relationship continues. In many cases, mediation is a viable alternative to litigation. It also can be seen as a cost effective means of diffusing tensions in order to avoid contention that is costly and highly stressful.

David provides post divorce mediation services to assist in reaching agreement around issues such as:

  • Parenting and co-parenting issues

  • Visitation schedules

  • Child custody and child support arrangements

  • Disputes around unresolved property or assets

  • Maintenance issues

Note: David does not play the role of arbitrator and mediated agreements may still need to be processed through the individuals’ lawyers, accountants and the courts.


Elder Care Mediation

As people age, their needs change which can impose new stresses on elders and their loved ones. At times, these stresses can raise conflicts within families regarding the care of loved ones. Creating a safe environment through the mediation process supports the individuals involved in managing the stresses inherent in these change of life issues so that families remain intact.

Issues Addressed in Elder Care Mediation

Mediation can provide a forum for creative problem solving as new challenges are faced such as:

  • Caregiver Burnout

  • Residence Decisions

  • Medical Care Options

  • Financial Planning including Estate Planning

  • Issues Related to Driving

  • Relationship Matters and Communication Issues

  • Agreeing on financial responsibilities as well as the day to day responsibilities.

  • Planning for future issues to avoid conflict.

These decisions often require difficult conversations within a family. The focus of elder care mediation is what is best for the senior while also minimizing family conflict.

Elder Care Mediation Process

Through the elder care mediation process, the concerns of the elder are heard as well as the family members and service providers in order to create a plan to meet the presenting needs. This involves creating a forum for siblings to discuss how they will work together to meet these needs which includes division of labor and financial planning. My role as a mediator is not to make decisions for families but to create a safe and respectful place for families to work together to establish mutually agreed upon plans.

Business Partnership Mediation

There are times when business partnerships need support to ensure that the principals maintain clear lines of communication in order to move the enterprise forward. David has taught facilitation skills within the corporate environment as well as led off sites with top level management teams. Those skills combined with his mediation and coaching skills position him to be a valuable resource in helping groups plug the leaks that can undermine: an established organization, a start up, or a Mom and Pop small business. 

03. Life Alignment

                                      "Everything is energy and that is all there is to                                                         it. Match the frequency of the reality you want                                                         and you cannot help but get that reality. It can                                                          be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is                                     physics." Albert Einstein               




David has been a practitioner of Life Alignment since 1993 and is an Advanced Teacher as well as the U.S. Coordinator for this work. David taught Life Alignment as an Assistant Professor at Holos University from January 2011 until his retirement in January of 2015. David has been a practitioner of Life Alignment since 1993 and is an advanced Teacher as well as the U.S. coordinator for this work. Life Alignment is currently taught in 18 countries around the world.


As a coach, it is important for David to uncover the blocks which are holding his clients back from living a life of fulfillment. Over the course of his career he has uncovered the following pattern.There is a root system to how we view of ourselves and the world. This model explains how limiting beliefs and even self-sabotaging patterns can take root. 

1) As we EXPERIENCE life, we gather data and

2) We draw CONCLUSIONS about how life works

3) The data from these conclusions gets sorted and forms our BELIEFS

4) Our beliefs incline us to make ASSUMPTIONS and

5) Our Assumptions draw EXPERIENCES to us which further reinforce our beliefs









This model of processing Life experiences can be likened to a revolving door. It can serve us, for instance, by having a positive relationship with money and the good habits that go with it. However if this process leads to a revolving door of limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging programs then we are not being served.


David has found Life Alignment to be an elegant tool to help people exit the revolving door of limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging programs. He also finds it to be extremely useful in helping people release stress as well as  unresolved issues and unresolved traumas. Life Alignment respects that we are multi level and that we function at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Processing issues through talking takes place mostly at the emotional and mental levels. Therapists speak of "issues being held in the tissues." For example. when we are triggered, we are accessing cellular or visceral memories.


Life Alignment has tools to process things on all four of the above mentioned levels and, as a result, it is a most effective tool. Many people have reported that David's work has brought lasting results in a remarkably short period of time. That being said, not every client will choose to do Life Alignment and he never imposes it as part of his work. It is available as a menu selection

As Life Alignment has developed over the years it has expanded to include energetically balancing homes and business locations through Vortex Alignment. There also is a process called Organization Alignment to help address stuck energy in businesses, corporations and even families. 

David began his career as a science teacher in Detroit, and as a result, he has a deep interest in illustrating the effectiveness of Life Alignment empirically. Vortex cards are healing tools that are used in Life Alignment to raise frequency and energetically support healing. Here is a link to an experiment that he did recently to show the energetic effects of one of the Life Alignment Vortex cards on an individual's energy field using an instrument called the BioField Viewer.