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Many of us have gone through very challenging times in our lives, experiences which have helped to foster limiting beliefs and even self-sabotaging programs. All of this has given our inner critics ammunition, enabling them to disturb our inner peace and to challenge our self-esteem. Left unchecked, as Carolyn Myss says, “Our biography becomes our biology,” and illness can ensue. Life Alignment, a system of energy healing and transformation, effectively addresses these core issues. 

David has been a practitioner of Life Alignment since 1993 and is an advanced teacher as well as the U.S. Coordinator for this work. David taught Life Alignment as an assistant professor at Holos University from January 2011 until his retirement in January of 2015. Life Alignment is currently taught and practiced in 18 countries around the world.

Life Alignment
Life Alignment

This model of processing Life experiences can be likened to a revolving door. We have experiences, which we sort into conclusions about how life works. Those conclusions eventually form our beliefs. Beliefs can lead to assumptions, which in turn draw experiences to us that reinforce our beliefs. This can serve us, for instance, by having a positive relationship with money and the good habits that go with it. However if this process leads to a revolving door of limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging programs then we are not being served.

David has found Life Alignment to be an elegant tool to help people exit the revolving door of limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging programs. He also finds it to be extremely useful in helping people release stress as well as unresolved issues and traumas. Life Alignment respects that we are multi-level beings and that we function simultaneously at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Processing issues through talking takes place mostly at the emotional and mental levels. Therapists speak of "issues being held in the tissues." For example, when we are triggered, we are accessing cellular or visceral memories. 


Life Alignment has tools to process things on all four of the above mentioned levels and, as a result, it is a most effective tool. Many people have reported that David's work has brought lasting results in a remarkably short period of time. That being said, not every client will choose to do Life Alignment, and David never imposes it as part of his work. It is simply available as a menu selection

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