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Life Coach

David Pasikov, M.A. - Certified Life Coach in Michigan

Are you feeling stuck and confused in life? Do you have goals but have no idea on how to achieve them? Do you have personal doubts about yourself? If so, try seeing a certified life coach. A life coach can give you the personal insight that you need to achieve higher levels of success than you thought wasn’t possible and help you live your life to its fullest potential. Just as importantly, a life coach can also guide you through the challenges in your life as they occur in a way that gives you the strength you need to feel powerful and vital.

Life is a long and often difficult journey. It is also filled with wonders, accomplishments, and joy. Getting through those difficult places, though, is often the key to experiencing the beauty and all that life has to offer. That is also where a life coach like David Pasikov, M.A., can help. With decades of experience in psychotherapy and with a passion for coaching, David Pasikov, M.A. is dedicated to helping people overcome obstacles that have held them back from reaching their full potential. As a certified life coach, he has helped a wide spectrum of clients from college students to a former Heisman Trophy winner as well a Silicon Valley pioneer who received the National Medal of Technology and Innovation from a past President.


While many people are too shy or don't understand that it is okay to ask for help, those who do need to be commended. It is both an act of bravery and humility when you reach out to a life coach. If you are looking for a certified life coach in Michigan, contact David Pasikov, M.A. today, to begin the conversation, and begin to see a brighter tomorrow now. 

We all get stuck, we all have times when we need help, and life is one of the greatest obstacles we will ever face. The good news is, you don't have to face it alone. Reach out for help today.

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