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Life Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Business and Executive Coaching

Life Coaching


“As a coach, David is a balancing factor for me.  He is adept at helping me sort out the practical steps that I need to move my life forward.  At the same time, he is excellent at helping me see the overall direction of my life and help me keep on track.  In that regard, he is a great accountability partner.  Through our work together I not only feel that my work life and home life are balanced in a healthy way but I feel like I am fulfilling my life purpose better than I have at any other point in my life.”  


“I began to work with David to help me overcome a serious addiction that was wrecking havoc in my personal and professional life.  I found David to be kind, caring, and compassionate with an innate ability to uncover the issues that were at the heart of my self sabotage.  Furthermore, he has been able to take help me repair the damage that I have done and regain my career and help me rebuild trust in the relationships that mean the most to me.  I see him as an integral part of my recovery. David has made a tremendous difference in my life and I am forever grateful.”


“I have worked with David off and on for 6 years and have found him to be absolutely trustworthy and skillful in helping me with my life challenges as a single mom who has been injured in a car accident.  He has done this without an ounce of judgment. He is available for this because this is not just a job for David, it is who he is.”


“I was very stressed because my wife had just returned from a month in the hospital and I did not know what our lives would be like. She had become paralyzed from the chest down, entered the hospital, and was diagnosed with MS. After a month in rehab, she was able to move on her own with a walker. I was so enmeshed in providing care for her that I wasn’t taking adequate care of myself.  I began to see David and he skillfully uncovered that I was feeling guilty and responsible for her getting sick as she had been helping me care for my elderly parents.  David artfully helped me remove the self-damaging guilt and replace it with love and appreciation. I would recommend David to anyone. He is a skilled professional who got to the root of my issue very quickly.  Thank you David.” 


“The combination of coaching, body centered energy work, and professional skill that David uses has helped me through traumatic life issues.  Some conditions have been dissolved instantly, others we’ve layered away through a few appointments.  His work is powerful, quick, and gentle.  I recommend experiencing Life Alignment for a variety of life and health challenges.”


“Last year as I was going through a very rough divorce, I made a great decision in going to see David Pasikov.  He is an excellent listener, non-judgmental and is very focused on whatever your exact situation may be. His input and suggestions helped guide me to a better place of understanding about my situation, and understanding my situation allowed me to take steps to better protect myself.  Though I only saw David a few times, the things that he was able to enlighten me on enabled me to recover from my divorce much faster and much more thoroughly than I could have ever done on my own.”


“David is more to me than a counselor or coach.  He is more than just another energy worker.  David is a wizard who combines all three with tact, compassion and crystal-clear communication.  His support saved me from one of the biggest potential regrets of my life.  And for that, I will be forever grateful.” 


“David is highly intuitive, wise, and incredibly supportive. I admire his sense of optimism and belief in people's ability to grow and change in positive ways. He's got a great sense of humor and delightful spirit.”


Relationship Coaching/Marriage Counseling 


As a divorced man, I took a mid-life crisis to David for support. The crisis stemmed from falling in love with a divorced woman with three children while having three of my own. How on earth were we going to blend these two families, let alone figure out how to co-parent, save for college and find a balance between work and home? I must admit, I was stuck and underneath stuck was abject fear. It took some time but David patiently walked us through all of it and thanks to his help we did get married. The main thing he did was believe in us and he gave us the communication and conflict resolution tools to keep working through things after our time with him was complete. All these years later, my wife will be the first person to proclaim that we wouldn’t be together were it not for David.” 


“We sought David’s help because trust had been broken in our relationship. We still loved each other and our kids but we both had shut down. David pointed out that the foundation of a healthy marriage isn’t deep love; we had that. Instead he pointed out that the foundation actually is trust and respect and that is where we were stuck. Through David’s guidance and encouragement, we were able to look at the tough issues together, work through the pain and incrementally build a bridge of understanding and acceptance with each other. From there we continued to build greater rapport and began to open our hearts again. It was a journey, but it was well worth the work. We did the work, but David’s guidance allowed it to be possible.” 


“Our relationship was having a failure to launch. My boyfriend and I were deeply in love, living together but something was in the way of us committing deeply, whether that led to marriage or not. David was able to help us see where we were short circuiting, stemming from programming by our family experiences growing up as well as past hurts in relationships. As he likes to say, he helped us update our files so that we could see the old stuff for what it was, hold hands and break through to a whole new experience of self-trust and trust in each other. He was at our wedding!”

“My wife and I sought David’s support to help us overcome a serious breach of trust in our marriage. He helped us move through the anger and betrayal to rediscover that underneath it all there remained deep love and purpose in staying together.  Through his guidance we were able to clear the rubble that was blocking us from continuing together and find a clear path to rebuild trust.”


“This may not be the kind of testimonial that you would expect. I worked with David and my husband to try and keep our marriage together. Through the work that we did, in a very sensitive way, David was able to hold a mirror up to both of us so that we could see where we each were contributing to the disfunction in our relationship. I saw it as a gift and began to grow. David taught us how to, ‘make it safe to speak our truth and make it safe to ask for what we need.’ Thankfully, I became more empowered in the process. Unfortunately, my husband didn’t use our time together with David to grow and he saw my growth as a threat. Ultimately, we did not remain together but my primary relationship, my relationship with myself improved significantly and I am not looking back.


Business and Executive Coaching


“It is rare to find a consultant whose skills include: mediation, facilitation and coaching. David Pasikov is excellent at all three. I contracted with him to work with a team of 40 professionals in my international organization. He was quickly able to reach a clear understanding of the issues that we were facing, and of the positions of each of the groups. From that, he was artful in helping us reach a satisfying consensus on some important decisions that involved all parties. I have never seen our group work together so effectively and respectfully - working with David was an answer to our challenge that could have easily become a crisis. Truly some of the best dollars we have ever spent!”


“My business partner and I have a technology startup company that had bogged down. Although we are pioneers in our niche, we had stopped growing and were starting to lose market share to our competitors. David very quickly and adeptly uncovered that our core issue was the breakdown in trust between my partner and myself. David was able to create a safe space for each of us to explore how this occurred. With his support we were able to communicate honestly with each and we each could see how we let each other down. Without judgement, David helped us: A) Understand it, B) Repair it to the point that our relationship with each other has gotten stronger, and C) Help us create a vision for moving the company forward and action plans to accomplish it. I am happy to say that thanks to David’s guidance and support, our partnership is back on track and our company is as well.” 


“David is a change agent for both individuals and organizations. He gets to the depth of issues and not only helps people to resolve them but helps them and their organizations to strategically move forward. The results are healthier, happier and more productive entities. He's one of a kind, as well as a great person with whom to work.”


“When I asked David to be my business coach, I got more than I bargained for. It started out where I needed help in my senior management role in a start-up. I was having difficulty selling my ideas to the CEO and the other members of the management team. David never told me what to do. He has a way of assessing the situation and presenting me with options, coupled with empowering me to chose the path that feels truest to me. Once my work life was more balanced, my personal life needed shoring up. I am data driven as an engineer and my interpersonal skills, particularly at home, needed a serious upgrade. David helped me with the upgrade and my home life significantly improved. The amazing thing was that those communication skills are transferable to my work life. I am now much more comfortable expressing myself with the CEO and my fellow managers and I am now a much more effective leader and manager.” 


Post Divorce Mediation

Elder Care Mediation

Partnership Mediation

“David was a mediator with a heart.  He cared about my entire family, and provided an evolved and sensitive bird's eye view on how to navigate the painful challenge of mediating a divorce. He was patient, concerned and focused on my family's needs in a way that transcending just the step by step process of divorce mediation. His presence in this situation brought out, over the longer term, the best for my children-- no matter how challenged their parent's were in getting along! I recommend him with my highest regards.”


“As an attorney, I have used David as a mediator to help bring disputing parties together to establish a compromise that can stick.  I find David to be skillful and adept at facilitating conflict resolution.”


“David Pasikov brings an open heart and a sharp mind to the process of post-divorce mediation. The result is a safe space for both partners that leads to genuine progress on even the toughest issues and most highly charged feelings.”


“I recently had a complicated divorce case involving parenting issues that neither I nor opposing counsel could help the divorcing couple resolve.  We brought David in as a mediator and he was able to help them find a creative solution to their quandary so that the divorce could proceed.”


“My ex and I divorced several years ago and have each remarried. We have three children, two in high school and one in elementary school. As much as the two of us have tried to co-parent well together, we were having trouble with communicating about parenting time and respecting each other’s parenting patterns when the kids were with us. We were frustrated, our spouses were frustrated and the three kids were frustrated. I reached out to David for help and he met with both me and my ex. At the end of the session, he suggested that the two couples and the three kids should come to the next session. My ex and I were both surprised by the thought as it has been difficult when the four adults have had to interact. We went along with it. I don’t know how David did it but after three group sessions, we established guidelines and agreements on co-parenting and parenting time that continue to work. I highly recommend David.”

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